Snap A Selfie And Win!

IT’S TIME TO SNAP A SELFIE! We know that one of the most entertaining parts of your visit can be snapping a fun selfie in the dental chair while getting new rubber bands or on your way out to show off your fresh new smile after getting your braces removed.

Well, this month those ortho-selfies will earn you more than just a few likes from your friends—you’ll be entered to win a prize!

Participating Is Easy!

  • Step 1: Choose a fun social social sign and snap a selfie holding the sign.
  • Step 2: Post the photo to Facebook as a public post and tag the location of our practice.
  • Step 3: Receive a raffle entry to win a prize!

(NOTE TO OUR CLIENTS: Please customize your blog post by adding some details about the contest. Are there any other instructions in your practice for your patients to participate? Do any restrictions apply?)

Snap A Selfie For A Prize!

(NOTE TO OUR CLIENTS: What are you giving away as a prize? Will there be a specific prize given away or will there be a selection to choose from? How long will your practice be running this promotion? On what date will the promotion end?)

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