(ORTHO) How To Get A Hollywood Smile In (*Your City Here*)

A BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL SMILE is an advantage in every area of life. At (your practice name here), smile design is more than just straightening. We take into account all the proportions of the face and mouth to create a healthy, balanced, and beautiful smile. We guide you through all the steps to create a gorgeous, star-quality smile.

As you embark on your smile makeover, remember that quality orthodontic treatment provides the strong foundation on which to build your beautiful new smile. Only an orthodontist knows how best to bring your smile into balance and give you healthy, long-term results.

The Merging Of Medicine And Art

Cosmetic dentistry provides both therapeutic and aesthetic benefits. When your plan for a smile makeover includes orthodontic treatment, it can repair your teeth and correct your bite, and at the same time give you the gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted! Orthodontic treatment can be done in coordination with your cosmetic dentist to prep teeth for veneers, dental implants, and other cosmetic or restorative dental work.

Orthodontic Treatment As A Part Of Your Smile Makeover

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Designing Your Perfect Smile

At (your practice name here), we don’t believe in the “cookie-cutter” approach. Just as every patient who comes through our door is unique, so is every smile that we treat. We are excited to be a part of your smile transformation!

Thank you for being our valued patient and friend!

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